Gurtok Illminos

Chief benefactor and employer of the player characters' team.


Almost certainly a cunning old ass-kicker and name-taker. Actual crunch data not for display at this time.


Teetering on the far edge of middle age with a face that tells a tale of much wine, troubles, and scheming, Illminos dresses richly but usually with some subtlety, blending in to court life well. He has a soft, gravelly voice, with a constant hint of quiet, dark mirth; he is a man used to having his way but smart enough to know when he won’t, a man who relishes bitter irony and justice only of the poetic variety, a man not to be taken lightly.

Illminos maintains a very low profile. The vast majority of Birtule would not even recognize him, but those in the highest echelons of House Tiduun know him as the true power behind their charismatic patriarch. Possessed of great cunning and an intimate knowledge of every faction and subfaction of the great city and many beyond, everyone important seems to owe him a favor and Tiduun himself probably owes him the continuation of the rule he won through force of personality.

Illminos is the founder and sole Tiduuni conact of the Silent Hand.

Gurtok Illminos

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