Known as She Who Weeps and The Shining Continence, followers of Elanta believe that she is the true maker of all creation, and the source of all water on Mahid. They believe the Blue Epoch was not blue at all; rather that the ancients had no water but also no need of it, until one fateful day when they turned from her service and thus severed themselves from her enlivening power.

In grief at seeing her children all wasting away, Elanta cried out and furiously wept, as she does to this day, her tears forming the life giving waters that all inhabitants of Mahid must continually imbibe to fend off the death their ancestors have doomed them too.

The most prominent feature of the Elantan faith is that of evangelism. They believe that only through restoring complete planetary worship and service to Elanta can man ever be freed from death and the need of water. Therefore they refuse to acknowledge any other gods, and are constantly bending great efforts to spreading her worship to whomever they can, “for their own good,” even if that requires the extermination of key figures of other religions or anti-religious factions.

4e players may treat Elanta as having the domains of Strife, Life, and Hope.


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