Map Location of Gigames

While officially founded as the lowland trading post of an Elantan monastary higher in the mountains, until recently it was an open secret that Gigames was really a Damgari controlled outpost… presumably one they hope to pressure Sidimegar with.

This might have seemed odd on the surface, since the Damgari seem all to eager to take extensive advantage of Sidimegar’s trade opportunities, but those wise in the ways of business will point out that Sidimegar enjoys a certain degree of monopoly over the southern end of the most popular Eternity trade route, and so long as that stands this gives Sidimegar more power in the dealings of the Damgari than they might like. Establishing an alternative, even one which compares disfavorably in terms of size and activity, would demonstrate wisdom on the part of Damgari.

Recently, however, Gigames had a strange sort of laborer uprising, during the early stages of which Damgari vacated the town, leaving it to the Elantans and a group of wanderers who had helped preserve it during the conflict. Subsequently, they have appointed a triumvirate comprised of Brother Hallasha, Buttir Kolgash, and Catyrein d’Yellinsk to deal with the tedium of administration while they retain authority when they should choose to be present to exercise it. Other notables include Brother Vayanova, a friendly go-between temper soother known as Ayabra Hulden, and an all-eyes errand boy called Kentin Dirkstock.

The first year of the Mayoral Heads as they are called was a chaotic one. When they were not beset by troubles in the form of Kalam besiegers and water-poisoners, or the discovery of a residual nest of Cave Creepers, the Heads were creating their own trouble… In matters of trade and sovereignty, the Heads have demonstrated a cunning resourcefulness when negotiation fails, a fact no better demonstrated than their secret instigation of civil war in Sagtakabur in the face of their otherwise unbreakable trade agreement for Diriganbar’s immensely valuable trickle of fresh metals.

Finally, however, a catastrophe perhaps too big to deal with struck Gigames in the form of a freak sandstorm and strange creatures seemingly sprung from the dusts themselves, preceded by an uncanny warning for the Gigamesi to disown their leadership. With the canal choked, survival is in question, and the Heads have headed out, both to seek the origins of this strange event, and to keep themselves far away from their property and the simple folk who might blame them for the attack or fear that their presence tempts a second and final one.


An Introduction to Mahid gnikrul