Gods and Religion

What are gods?

None on Mahid know the nature of the gods, but as it is fundamentally different from the nature of gods in other settings, there are a few things players should know so that they do not come to the table with false expectations.

The gods of Mahid did not make the planet. In fact, most of them have never made anything and have no power except through their servants. Gods are simply fictional entities that have had so much conscious thought continually directed their way, that they developed sentience and self knowledge, which they will lose if forgotten by too many mortals. To leave the realm of fiction, which exists only in the minds of the living creatures who continually create it, is beyond their power. What they CAN do, however, is focus and divert the energy and willpower directed towards themselves into and through their chosen servants.

Note that this means the gods are, just as everything else on Mahid, continually fighting for their survival. There are no truly altruistic gods on Mahid; there cannot be. While they may encourage beneficence in their followers, in the end this is not the unquestioning love of a parent for their children, but the measured practicality of a business giving free samples to widen its audience.

Gods of Mahid

The pantheons of Mahid are many, and often large. Almost every kind of deity imaginable is worshiped by someone, somewhere, but a few of the most powerful and widely acknowledged ones are listed below along with titles and the domains they count as having in the 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Additionally, the land itself is revered by no small number of Mahidans, despite its hostility. Never really formalized as a faith, the ground-worshipers have a myriad of motivations. Most outsiders hope that that any they meet worship Mahid out of fear and thanks, rather than as a justification for raiding and slaughter as with most disciples of Kalam.

Name Titles (4e) Domains
Aborus Sky Serpent, The Earthshaker Storm, Trickery, Tyrrany
Dul Rothak The Ashlord, Wrathforger, Great Flame Creation, Protection, Skill
Elanta She who Weeps, The Shining Continence Strife, Life, Hope
Hadrok King of Want, The Denying one, The Taker Winter, Justice, Fate
Halba The Dark Broker, Retribution’s Claw Torment, Undeath, Vengance
Inbir Clanjudge, The Great Cycle War, Change, Civilization
Mahid (varies) Torment, Earth, Wilderness, Sea (in Zalaggi)
Namus Mother Dust, Quiet Ruin, The Alleviation Death, Destruction, Strength
Sedutur The Lord of Secrets, Patriarch of the Blood Knowledge, Arcana, Darkness
Udus Withering, The Releasing Gaze Sun, Freedom, Poison
Ydra Queen of Bounty, The Fruitful One, The Giver Love, Madness, Luck

Gods and Religion

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