Map location of Gumurde

Gumurde is a long finger of rock jutting out into the Ashen Sea. This tall and rugged ridge is just barely lifted above the worst of the drifts and storms thereof, which are quite deep to either side, making it an ideal place for Ashskips and caravans to meet and transfer their loads; few indeed are the locations where an Ashskip can get close to solid ground with clear enough air for beasts of burden to breathe.

That is not, however, to say that anyone would choose to breathe there very long without significant incentive. The tiny, fortified town clinging to the bony ridge is populated only by a very few the most stubbornly enterprising free laborers, the most unlucky of those who live in near slavery, and those Birtulan House guards which are most desired to be forgotten or obliquely punished.

Presently, it is held by the disfavored House Mirkul, who presumably want the income it represents badly enough to warrant the trouble. Hort Druknahk, their commander there, seems to have the entire place under his thumb.


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