Those who thirst for an unreachable vengeance turn to a Halba, called The Dark Broker or Retribution’s Claw, and usually depicted as a dark-clad merchant with a mischievous, conspiratorial smirk. Legend has it that those who call on him in total sincerity to deliver their revenge at any cost will have their wishes fulfilled as the guilty party is slaughtered or brought low by Halba’s faithful mortals and the undead, some or all of which (generally depending on whether the given follower also believes in Namus) serve him.

Of course, the price is great… when the supplicant dies, he has an eternity of servitude to look forward to as a near-mindless undead corpse, to deliver the revenge of the future wronged as it was delivered for him, or perhaps to be used for other inscrutable purposes of Halba… Until, that is, someone manages to finally destroy the supplicant utterly.

The only exception is a rare one only made for the most revered of Halba’s faithful who have assisted in dozens of reprisals. Esteemed servants who survive that long are typically granted their own desire for vengeance before being ejected from the clergy as a sort of forced retirement.

Nearly all of Halba’s worshipers are those attempting to work their way towards such a reward, within secretive and regimented regional cults dedicated to that purpose but the constant risk of violent death and years of effort is sufficient to render the immediate gratification option more attractive for most despite its gruesome consequences. A truly crafty Halban, however, will find ways to bring vengeance without being anywhere near the target, or perhaps even without killing him… after all, in terms of retribution, death is perhaps small and pale compared to tearing the abuser’s life down and the subsequent sweet knowledge that he shall live his remaining years in wretched debasement.

4e players may treat Halba as having the Torment, Undeath, and Vengance domains.


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