Inbir, also called Clanjudge or The Great Cycle, is sometimes described as a helmeted member of whatever race the speaker fancies, holding a chisel or stake in one hand and a sword in the other, and he is said to appear in otherwise well-organized military camps when a watchman dozes, or construction sites when a laborer does likewise, to take his place for a time and then berate him when he wakes.

The faith of Inbir reveres change, particularly that which the sentient races produce of their own willpower. Additionally, they recognize that any individual power is multiplied when correctly organized with more of its kind and intelligently applied.

If it is only in groups, then, that the true worth of beings can be seen, than it is only in groups they should be tested. Inbir bids his following to stamp out chaotic conflict in favor of organized warfare on the familial, or better yet tribal and national levels. This is seen as not only less wasteful than small-scale squabbling, but also more valuable a test of worthiness in general due to the focus on discipline and solidarity, which in turn are the most valuable tools for the construction of glorious societies.

4e players may treat Inbir as having the War, Change, and Civilization domains.


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