Many on Mahid believe that death comes in the form of a hooded crone bearing a gnarled walking staff, often called Mother Dust, Quiet Ruin, or The Alleviation. Her name, Namus, is largely unknown in many places and traditionally never to be spoken, for fear of attracting her attention. All entropy is at her command; not only lives does she end but cities, mountains, stars, and eventually all else that is. She is said to be fond of poetry, irony, and courtesy, all of which is often reflected in the deaths she chooses.

Those who have lived well and shown great strength of will and purpose she honors, and provides comfort for as she brings their final slumber; perhaps even granting great heroes extra time. For others she might craft an end suiting the flaws and shortcomings of their life, perhaps one which serves well as a wry or subtle final statement of their misguided existence. Most devout of Namus also believe that for the most cowardly and indecisive beings she denies the final rest entirely, trapping them in their bodies as undead until they are destroyed, rot, and merge with the land, forever to be trod upon. This is often considered a blatant refutation of the legends of Halba.

There tend to be two types of Namusan faithful; those who revere her only out of vague fear and thus tend to be passive, infrequent, or insincere in their supplications, or those who hope for extended (or even eternal!) lives, who continually strive to demonstrate a fiery determination and massive ambition in all things. The former type is ubiquitous everywhere, but the latter is rare and fearsome.

4e players may treat Namus as having the Death, Destruction, and Strength domains.


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