Held by some as the progenitor of the alleged arcane bloodlines and sometimes called The Lord of Secrets or Patriarch of the Blood, Sedutur is depicted as a robed, four armed, four eyed, angular faced man whose head is crowned with something like back-swept fleshy horns. Legend has him as the keeper of all secrets and lord of the darkness used to conceal them and the shadowy places they are kept, making him essentially omnipotent. Incidentally, since the arcane arts often require complex and obscure knowledge to practice and bring forth darkness when used, even those who discount the concept of arcane bloodlines associate Sedutur with magic.

Additionally, he is reputedly the creator of the written word and directly responsible for the fact that it’s not written the same practically anywhere from one settlement to the next, presumably the better to limit the easy spread of knowledge.

Exactly why these are his dominions, how he uses them and for what purposes are all, apparently… secrets.

Sedutur’s faithful all want to know something. Some of them want to know everything. Sorcerers, scholars, and spies of all kinds revere him, and as long as blackmail remains popular among the immensely powerful, so will Sedutur.

4e players may treat Sedutur as having the Knowledge, Arcana, and Darkness domains.


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