Map location of Sidimegar

One of the larger and richer Southern towns, Sidimegar was founded by a mercantile Pactground guild, from which the town takes its name, rather than by a persecuted religion or isolationist faction, as is more common in the South. Sidimegar relocated on the heels of such types, capitalizing on the market they represent. The Pactground still claims Sidimegar as a member, and while the authorities there do not dispute this claim, it has been decades since Sidimegar has directly involved itself with that coalition beyond what is necessary to ensure open trade.

Sidimegar is the sort of place that no one seems to like but everyone seems to need:

The Damgari still resent Sidimegar’s competition in transequatorial trade, which they once held as a monopoly, yet they have benefited greatly from a neutral, tolerant terminus for their caravans acting as an access point to those high-altitude Southern communities which do not have their own associated trading camps, and those who refuse contact with “outsiders” explicitly. Even as they continue to use Sidimegar in this manner, it is an open secret that they have underwritten the creation of a possible competitor town, known as Gigames.

Those same Southern communities who rely on Sidimegar for crucial trade also resent Sidimegar as a nexus of Northern and Equatorial culture, a slow but unstoppable invasion of thinking they might describe as decadent, heretical, bourgeoisie, unclean, dangerous, greedy, narrow-minded, hedonistic, or even not enough of any of those things, depending on which Southern town one were to ask.

Kalam hates and needs Sidimigar for the same reasons as every permanent settlement; a place to raid and to direct self-righteous disgust.

Finally, though it may not weigh heavily on their thoughts just yet, the powerful of the North are doubtless aware that if any force is capable of the unlikely feat of uniting the South, it is Sidimigar. No Northman need be reminded that the Southerners are Southerners because either the North cast them out, or they cast themselves out from it. A united South would be a people united in resentment and opposition of the North, and likely a deadly foe rather than just a worthy rival. And so Sidimigar is treated with some caution and suspicion, as the nostril hairs of the proverbial sleeping giant.

Sidimegar is still operated and, in part, owned by the trade guild that founded it, lead by the mysterious Southman Alubra Kor. The Sidimigaran Company is an all-accepting meritocracy; even some of their highest officers are Grakkor and Szeren, which does nothing to help their image in the eyes of their fellow Southerners. Officially their only interests are trade, peace, and security, but their influence turns up in the strangest of places. More than a few suspect their interests are diverse indeed, or even insidious.


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