Silent Hand

Five years ago, as House Tiduun began its recent rise to power, behind-the-scenes coordinator Gurtok Illminos decided that a dedicated team of skilled outsiders unconnected with and unknown by the House was needed to take care of those things which need to be done for the House to prosper, but which might be protested, either inside or out.

Contacting and bringing together for this purpose a number of individuals who had previously distinguished themselves as competent and adaptable, Illminos created what would eventually be known in rumors and whispers as the Silent Hand, a name taken from a famous speech of Tiduun’s. To this day, Illminos still brings them work, though they also occasionally work for the few others who know of them, or find dangerous and lucrative ventures of their own.

The current members are:

  • Serd – A Southman from a remote valley renowned for their toughness

Silent Hand

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