Tladratan Empire

A relative newcomer to the established cultures of Mahid, the self-styled Empire of the Infallible and Formidable Tladrata, Most Blessed of All Creatures is an expansionist monarchy based out of Zalaggi, where they have seized the great central island formed from untold years of surface debris fallen through the oculus, which it lies directly beneath and thus commands all access to.

Through their headquarters there, and extensive surface territory they have conquered, absorbed or swindled for quite some distance surrounding the surface exits of the Zalaggi Canals, they have gradually taken complete control of all entrances and exits to and from this trading route, which they freely, even recklessly use as political leverage in most aggressive ways.

Little is known about the Tladrata royal family, other than that they are all Grakkori, an unlikelihood that has spurred much speculation regarding what exactly they do on Zalaggi’s central island, and elsewhere, but no one rumor has yet to seize the majority of popularity.

The presence of this rapidly growing and mysteriously governed transequatorial force, which commands sole control over a major trade route, most of the older northern and southern nations have seen fit to strengthen their ties with Damgari and other such places and organizations, such as Sidimegar. As a result, the other vessels of transequatorial trade tend to see the Empire more as an unwitting boon, a commercial opportunity, or an unwitting ally, rather than as true competition.

Tladratan Empire

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