Ydra, also called The Fruitful One, Queen of Bounty, and The Giver, is purportedly responsible for all unexpected good fortune, particularly where water, crops, or romance are concerned, and which she gleefully distributes free of any pattern or reason at all. Alleged sightings of her are common, and most describe her as a full-figured woman composed entirely of edible fruits and vegetables, laughing and whirling in a mad dance. When she walks among mortals she is fickle and usually incoherent, but also quite quick, casual, and intense with her love… though she never stops tittering that unsettling laugh. Any blessed with her intimacy, however, risk making themselves a target for the cold, jealous anger of Hadrok, who would claim her as his own.

Since almost everyone loves unexpected windfalls, her worshipers are found among all races, cities, and classes with some frequency, but the most are found amongst the destitute, those who work the land, and hopeless romantics. To her worshipers, the wave of relief or elation that comes with the discovery of a windfall is the evidence of her presence and releasing one’s self to it is the best form of worship, perhaps the only one that “really counts.” Thus, wild displays of jubilation and even impromptu but nonetheless elaborate celebrations are commonplace among her worshipers when things go well.

Many Ydran faithful see wild madmen as those permanently and continually blessed by (and worshipping) Ydra, and revere them as intensely holy, sometimes following them everywhere and even attempting to take part in their delusions, as a sort of living nexus of good fortune.

4e players may treat Ydra as having the domains of Love, Madness, and Luck.


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